Ring Size Guide

Imagine yourself taking a lot of time to find your future wife the perfect ring – obviously one with a diamond. You are aiming for the highest scores possible, taking into account the 4C guidelines for diamonds. When you’re ready to put the ring on her finger, you sadly discover that there was one thing you overlooked: the ring size. It keeps sliding off her finger, or you can’t get it past the thickest phalanx… in either case you’ll wonder how you could have overlooked the obvious ring size matter, after the initial embarrassment of partly ruining one of the most significant occasions of both your lives. Still, it does happen (a lot), so we thought we’d mention it upfront.

Be resourceful
You don’t have to do the impossible to find out her ring size. The most important thing is that you know on which finger she will want to wear her future engagement ring. The ring you’re buying needs to fit that finger.

Some tips:

  • Ask a sibling, a parent or a close friend about her ring size. If one of these people actually does know the size, this is the path of least resistance.
  • Borrow one of the rings she regularly wears and check the size – either by going to a store or with a DIY Ring Size Guide that you can find online.
  • You can use a woman’s average finger size (6 to 6.5) as a guideline for ring size if you do not have more specific information.

Keep in mind:

  • A wedding ring usually goes on the ring finger of the left hand. Make sure, if you decide to measure, that you check the right hand.
  • It is recommendable to compare your ring to a similar ring of hers. To do this, you should always try to measure your ring to a ring with a similar width.
  • If there is no other option left then to guess, make sure you take a large enough safety margin. A ring that is too large will go over her finger, but a ring that is too small will not!


Easy way to measure the finger