How To Buy An Engagement Ring

Looking for the perfect engagement ring? Let BRILANI guide you!

Take it from us: buying the perfect engagement ring is not an easy task. For some it’s easier than for others, but for most of you it will be difficult. For more than one reason, but mainly because many people don’t know what to pay attention to. BRILANI will take you by the hand - we’ll make sure you go home with the perfect ring for this special occasion. That could very well be a ring with a diamond, since from all engagement ring types carrying a gemstone, the ones with a diamond are the preferred type.

BRILANI eats, sleeps and breathes diamonds. We can tell you everything you ever wanted to know about diamonds. A little education in the subject matter, if you will.

Diamond Shapes in Abundance
First of all, diamonds are not uniform - they come in many shapes and sizes., each with of these types has a distinctive, instantly recognizable shape. While the round diamond shape is the most popular one, there are plenty of people that are going after a slightly different look - and they can!

While diamond shapes and diamond cuts are closely related, there is a distinct difference between the two. The way a diamond is cut, results in its shape. The cut itself says something about the way diamond reflects light by way of its facet setup.

The following diamond shapes are the most common and popular shapes today:

By far the most popular diamond shape when it comes to engagement rings is the round shape, created through the round brilliant cut. More than 7 out of 10 engagement rings are of this type. By no means is this a new trend - the round shape of diamond has been around for almost a century and it’s popularity remains unmatched by any other diamond shape.

Number two in terms of popularity is the Princess cut diamond shape. Princess is basically the Round shape in a square version. The same sparkle and, similar to the Round shape, the Princess cut diamond is a good fit for almost all types of rings.

The most remarkable feature of the oval diamond shape lies in the fact that this particular shape creates the optical illusion of being bigger than it really is. Look-wise, it is not so different than its round counterpart. The oval cut is known for its versatility and elegance.

If you want to go for a more distinctive look, the Marquise diamond shape with its curved middle and pointed ends guarantees to catch the eyes of many. Pretty similar to the round shape, but different enough to create a new look.

The Pear shape is actually a combination of the Round shape and the Marquise shape. The fruity name does little to reveal the Pear shape’s unique look but is remarkably well-chosen for this shape. The Pear shaped diamond offers a sparkle similar to that of the Round diamond.

The Cushion shaped diamond is an old shape that has been perfected over the course of several centuries. It is basically a square cut stone with softer, rounded edges to give it its cushion like look.

If you are looking for the summum of elegance, the Emerald cut diamond should definitely be among your considerations. The special cut of the Emerald diamond shape cause the reflective pattern to deepen the color and luster.

The Asscher cut, with its cut corners, is quite similar to the Cushion diamond shape. The difference? Asscher shaped diamonds are sleek and much more modern than the ancient Cushion variant. A vintage style goes notably well together with Asscher stones.

Another shape that combines elements from other shapes is the beautiful radiant cut diamond, combining elements from both the Emerald and the Round shape diamond.

Last but not least, we present to you the Heart shape. It is the only shape that consists of two parts, and the heart shape is particularly fit for this split. The two separate, symmetrical parts make for a bold yet romantic look. Heart shaped diamonds are especially popular in Claddagh designs, and offer a distinctive look in any engagement ring setting.


From Vintage to Modern: what is your style?
How well do you know your future wife? There’s more to it than just picking the diamond to create an engagement ring. Did you think about the ring itself yet? You should, because there are many options to choose from. We strongly advise you to take the task of picking the ring just as serious as you did picking the ring. You only get one chance to present the ring, and it will be a shame if there is no balance between the diamond and the ring. Take a look at the different options below and decide which option is the perfect one.

Is your future wife all about the vintage look? There is a definite tendency to dig in the past to find the perfect ring design. The vintage look is everywhere these days, and definitely also left its mark on jewelry designs.

The golden age of romance has inspired many ring designs. The classic look, with all its grandeur and beauty still inspires people today, and you are welcome to benefit from that retrospective trend. These designs can be a bit more extravagant, using patterns on the ring, for example. If your partner loves frills and fringes, then the romantic look should be on your radar.

Are you out to impress? Or is the subtle approach more your thing? In the latter case, the so-called solitaire setting is an option to consider. This style is particularly elegant due to the fact that it focuses on the diamond itself. The ring provides the perfect layer on which the diamond can shine in its full glory. The option to dress up the solitaire diamond with additional diamond accents on the ring is available if so desired.

Do you prefer looking for new trends and innovative designs over reusing something that has already been used in the past? If so, you can rest assured that you still have abundant options to choose from. A whole world of contemporary ring designs is at your disposal. And if that is not enough, you’re free to come up with your own ideas - combining elements that move away from the traditions and conventions of engagement ring design.

Some designs are always relevant. The ‘classics’ among the engagement rings, so to speak. If your loved one has a preference for those proven winning concepts, then why make it hard on yourself? Choose according to what has been popular throughout the history of ring design. We would love to show you the rings that have consistently been in high demand over the course of history!


Match A Precious Diamond With A Precious Metal Ring
Once you have decided on the diamond, its shape and the setting, you might think that it is time to sit back, relax and enjoy the tough choices you made. Well, not quite. It is time for yet another choice: the ring material! Which precious metal type suits your choice of gem and setting best?

We can offer you the following options to choose from:

White Gold (14k and 18k)
White gold is one of several available colored type of gold alloys, and gets its white color from the mix of gold and a white metal - for example nickel or palladium. White gold is very similar to platinum in appearance, which explains its popularity. It is however not a good choice for those with a nickel allergy. White gold is also a more high-maintenance type metal, which could in the long run actually minimize the initial price difference between both materials.

Yellow Gold (14k and 18k)
Yellow gold, just like white gold, is an alloy of gold with another type of metal. The mix of the ‘softer’ gold and the hard alloy makes the yellow gold stronger and more durable, and a much better option for day-to-day jewelry wear. Yellow gold is considerably cheaper than platinum.

Rose Gold (14k and 18k)
The two types of rose gold, 14k and 18k, get its distinct color from the mix of gold with the reddish copper. The red gold that’s the result of this mix, is strong and durable enough to be worn almost maintenance free. In that sense it is almost like platinum, but without the pricetag.

Platinum is the absolute premium choice when it comes to choosing your better half’s ring. It is virtually maintenance free, and its silvery white color is simply stunning. Platinum does not tarnish, nor does it corrode. The pricetag is that of a premium option, but you’ll get the highest ring quality in return.

Palladium belongs to the so-called Platinum Group Metals (PGMs). Much like platinum, it has a very attractive silvery white color. It has a similar look, but the material is something different altogether. Palladium is actually the softest of all PGMs, which makes it an interesting option from a budget-related point of view, but less so when you’re more focused on durability.

Environmental Responsibility: Recycled Precious Metals
BRILANI is aware of the negative effects of mining, and we’re happy and proud to be able to tell you that the metals used for our rings, is actually crafted from recycled precious metals. We do not compromise on quality, but we also do not want to exhaust our planet’s natural resources. Recycling the precious metal we use for our rings, is the perfect solution, which enables us to keep our quality standards as high as ever, but also forces us to be more aware of the time we live in and the state of our planet.

Buy The Diamond Ring You Can Afford
We’ll round up this educational part about rings, diamonds and the like with a few words about the financial side of purchasing a diamond ring. Obviously, this is a considerable expense and something you should be aware of before you decide to purchase. Can you afford to buy the ring you decided on? Or are you going way beyond the borders of your budget limitations? Before doing that, take a moment to think about your options. Because BRILANI does offer you a range of options - among those some really expensive ones, but some other options can actually be considered cheap.

For us at BRILANI it’s simple: we want to give you the best info possible when it comes to buying, and possibly purchasing a ring. After you looked at the info, or at least the parts that interest you, you can decide to place an order, or to drop by in our store. We have something for all of you.