How to send your item back

Here, you will learn how to send your item/s back for repair, resizing or refund. It is very important to follow our instructions and if something is not clear, feel free to contact your sales person for help. Please read the instructions from beginning to end.


Step 1: At any local post office, you can find a small bubble pack or most offices hold small/standard envelopes. Click here to see an example.


Step 2: Put the item/s inside the pack/envelope safely. You can wrap the item with any material available in your home that you are sure can protect it during delivery. Like a newspaper or any other type of paper/plastic/small box.


IMPORTENT: Do not include inside the pack/envelope the jewelry box, certificate of authenticity and any purchase/invoice/bill/payment printed/copy paperwork.


Step 3: On the shipping label (also called “customs declaration/customs form”) you receive from the post office, write your full address including full name. Also write our full address. Please write the addresses clearly and readable. Most post offices use digital labels, so you may want to make sure that the mail-person has filled all the details correctly.


Our shipping address:
Full name: Levy Arnon
Street/address: Harakun 17, 2nd Floor
Street/address 2: P.O. Box 12
City: Ramat-Gan
Post/zip code: 5252194
Country: Israel
State/Province: N/A
Phone: 054-444-20-23


More shipping information:
Mark it as: Gift
Description: Fashion Jewelry Ring Return
Item weight: 0.5 (if required)
Value: $25

The reason we ask to do that is to avoid delays at customs here. Any other information may lead to long delays and unnecessary expenses. From experience, if you write the address clearly and send according to our instructions, the delivery will go smoothly. We certainly understand if you are concerned about this but we have been working this method over 10 years with great success and we have found it to be the fastest, safest and best way to send. Please contact your sales person regarding shipping insurance concerns.


Which shipping service to use?
Please select your country and use the offered service. Using other services not listed below may result in delays and unnecessary expenses.


United States:
First-Class Mail International – More details (Recommended, fast and affordable) Please use this service only.


Tracked Packet International – More details


United Kingdom:
International Tracked & Signed – More details


Registered Post International – More details


Einschreiben International – More details


Posta Raccomandata Internazionale – More details


  • Process Time:
    Return shipping should take between 1-3 weeks from the day you sent the package. Usually it takes about two weeks or less.
  • Refund will be made within 48 hours after receiving the package (for canceled orders).
  • Resizing process may vary depending on the size difference.
  • Repair process depending on what was agreed with your sales person.

*The item will be shipped back to you by FedEx/DHL Express free of charge. Customers who paid customs tax, will not pay again.


Must Read:
We DO NOT accept packages shipped by DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, Express services or any other courier company except country’s postal services such as (USPS, Australian Post, German Post etc,). Unfortunately, we will refuse to accept “express couriers shipments” packages and we will ask from the courier to return the package back to you. We are terribly sorry about that and we hope you can understand. Please take this into consideration and agreement before shipping any item.

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